Up to 50 m2

Ceiling Mount Plasma Air Purifier with up to 600 m3/h CADR and up to 95% Purifying Efficiency. A great solution for Public restrooms, toilets, hotel restrooms, pet shops, KTV rooms, hospital wards, station waiting rooms etc.

Ceiling Air Purifier

Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier

  1. Low running cost.High EER.No consumable items,
  2. No secondary pollution,no ozone,
  3. Auto remove dust,multi-running mode,
  4. Stable efficiency of remove dust and kill odor, no damping in filter.
  5. Air Quality Sensor
  6. Sleep Mode
  7. Manual Mode
  8. Timer Set


Product Features

High efficiency remove dust

Remove inhaled particulate matter with high efficiencies, like PM2.5, smoke, and pollen, etc, remove rate reach more than 98%, even remove 0.1mm PM.

Ultra-low ozone

With double technology to control ozone. The ozone rate is less than 0.012ppm and without secondary pollution.

Low running cost

No need consumable material, just need clean ESP regularly. Low wind drag, low power consumption, standby power 0.5W. Super low running cost.

Adaptive control technology

To make sure the constant purification rate, the high voltage power supply will adjust the output voltage by automation When the purification rate change caused by the environment change.

Ultra-large air volume

Adjustable fan speed, the max air volume is 600 m³/h, especially applied in areas around 30-50 m².

Humanized HMI

Touch key-press design, big colorful display design, real-time display air quality index and temp & humidity rate, 12-hour timing design, ESP clean auto prompt, with variety running mode like manual/auto/sleep.

Remove formaldehyde

High efficiency to remove indoor pollutants like formaldehyde, toluene, xylol, etc. , remove rate is more than 94%.

High efficiency to sterilize bacteria

High efficiency to sterilize all kinds of germs, which restrain disease effectively, sterilized rate reach to more than 95%.

Remove peculiar smell

Remove all kinds of peculiar smell elements, remove rate reach more than 98% to ammonia, H2S, methyl, etc.

Parameter Wind Capacity 600M3/H
Suitable Area 30-50M2
Voice <52dB
Removal NH3 rate >95%
Removal of 0ther smelly air >90%
Germs kill rate >95%
Purification Unit Middle filter  
High power Ioin tube  
Plasma catalytic net  
natural plant balm  
Spec Rated voltage 220VAC/50HZ 
Rated power 100W
Size 680*680*320MM
Weight 20kg
installation way Ceiling mounted installation
Place Public rest room,toliet,hotel rest room,pet room,ktv room,hospital ward,station waitting room,ect.
place need remove smelly air like underground room,warehouse shopwork