• Best odour removal solution available
  • Reduces the grease build-up in ducts
  • Reduces the duct fire risk
  • Breaks grease particles in carbondioxide and water
  • Very low energy consumption (180W)
  • No consumables, runs with ambient air.
  • Easy to install, Easy to operate (No operator needed)
  • Green technology, leaves no harmful substances behind
  • A great solution not only for kitchens but also for HVAC systems
Ozone generator with esp

Wall-mounted installation. Connect the ozone injection just after Electrostatic Precipitator for maximum effect. While Electrostatic Precipitator holds the grease and smoke, Ozone will destroy the remaining grease particle and odour.

Ozone generator without esp

Wall-mounted installation. Connect the ozone injection just after the hood for maximum effect. Ozone will remove the grease particles and odour. Will keep your ducts clean. Suitable for light cooking.

  • High Ozone Concentration
  • High Odor Removal Capacity
  • Low Pressure Loss
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • 304 Stainless Steel Casing
  • Integrated Air Cooling Technology
  • Intelligent timer
  • Labor-free. Does not require an operator.
  • Can be connected to BMS
  • Ready to Use

– In order for ozone to remove odor in the channel, a 2 second contact time with odor molecules is required. It is important that the discharge time is adjusted accordingly.

– Ozone Generators must always be connected to the exhaust fan.

– Odor sensitivity varies between people. If there is a high sensitivity at the discharge points, prior to application to determine the requirements; local air currents, distances, window openings, discharge density, etc. An “Odor Impact Assessment” is recommended.

Ozone Generators have been tested in McDonald’s kitchens in Turkey together with HORECA Scrubbox Electrostatic Holders and it has been determined that 80% odor removal is achieved. Also tested according to AS1668.2-2012. Generators are Certified by the University of Sydney, where the specified ozone concentrations are produced.