Kitchen anywhere! Kitchen Everywhere!

Borasco collects the cooking fume by the vents on the 3 sides. Fume passes through the coarse particulate metal filter, electrostatic precipitator, ozone gas, activated carbon filter and finally extracts under the cooking station.

Removes the smoke, reduces the odour!

In the filtration system, while the metal filter is holding the large particles, electrostatic precipitator removes the smoke and holds the grease. Ozone gas reduces the odour in cooking fume and finally, the activated carbon filter breaks the ozone gas into oxygen not to harm people around.

You just enjoy cooking without any environmental concerns.

  • 1.5 KW – 380 V 50 Hz cooking station power
  • Upto 20 KW with Cooking Equipments
  • 100% Smoke Removal
  • 80% Odor Removal (at least)
  • Digitally Adjustable Fan Speed
  • Environment Air Purifying with One Button
  • Residual-Current Circuit Breaker
  • Digital Control Panel
  • All Filters and Filter Chamber Washable
  • Cleaning Drain Valve
  • Stainless Steel Construction
Front Cooking Station
Model : C3
Energy : 380V
Power Consumption (kW) : 1.5
Power Cons. w Cooking Equip. (kW) : 15
Width (mm) : 800
Length (mm) : 1500
Height (mm) : 1055
Height with Glass (mm) : 1200
Cooking Space (mm) : 720*1200
Cooking Equip. Height (mm) : 320