Industril Electrostatic Precipitator
  • CE Certificate
  • UL867, UL710 and IEC60335 tested
  • ISO 9001:2000
  •  Patented Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) applied, ensuring enormous purification efficiency (above 95%, based on 2 stages of electric fields) of cooking oil fume and grease of this series of Grease Filtration Electrostatic Precipitator.
  • PLC controlled flame detection device and water fire-suppression system, plus the optional self-cleaning device, easy to realize remote control and monitoring, ensuring considerable savings in maintenance cost.
  • PLC controlled multi-choice operational modes, secure and reliable high-efficiency high-voltage power supply, complemented with the sophisticated systemof self-diagnosis of malfunction, ensuring considerable energy savings.
  • Modular design, ensuring easy assembling of our Electrostatic Precipitators for total operation and easy removal of the major components for maintenance and cleaning.
Industrial ESP Usage Areas
Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator
Industrial dust control

The fumes generated from the production line pass through a prefiltration device by which the large particles can be removed. Then the fumes are purified by the industrial electrostatic precipitator. Finally, they become clean air so that they can be emitted legitimately.

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator

1. Great efficiency:
– Oil Mist Removal Efficiency >95%
– Particulate Removal Efficiency >95% (at rated airflow capacity)
2. Quantity of waste oil collected by the ESP system can be huge and the collected oil features a comparatively high purity, which can be used as fuel, reused for Lower end products or resold to waste collectors for further processing, thus the financial investment in this system can pay off over a short period of time.
3. Maximum security against fire hazards: consummate electrical protection functions, complemented with an efficient fire detection and suppression system, leaving no fire hazards undetected and no open flame unquenched.
4. Compartmentalized filtration modules equipped with independent power control, ensuring the proper performance of the whole system even if some of the power packs failed to work.
5. Ease of cleaning and maintenance: Filter cells are washable and can be easily accessible through the cell access door.

industrial dust control
industrial dust control