Electrostatic Precipitators C

Ozcon C series Duct Type Electrostatic Precipitator removes polluted air by absorbing particles such as oil, steam, dust and smoke formed in the air with the principle of electrostatic precipitation.

The air absorbed by the exhaust fan passes through the coarse particulate holder metal filter of the OZCON C series duct electrostatic prepitator and is removed from the large particles. 0.3μm particles pass through the high voltage electric field area. (ionizer) where particles are positive (+) loaded with electric charge. These positively charged particles pass through equally spaced parallel stacked collection plates. These surfaces are negative (-) and positive (+) respectively.

Positive charged surfaces push these particles, negative loaded surfaces attract and collect these particles. The grease accumulated in the filters fill the oil pan. Filter and oil pan are cleaned periodically.


The air extracted to the atmosphere from commercial kitchens causes many problems both in the indoor and outdoor. The main source of these problems is grease vapour, smoke and gases released from the cooked food product. This dirty air is collected with a canopy, and it is thrown into the atmosphere by means of a fan with a properly designed air duct.

Electrostatic Filters are the best filtering solutions for commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

The grease and smoke contained in the Air From the Hood adhere to the ducts and the extractor fan. This increases the risk of fires at a high rate. Ozcon Electrostatic Filters can filter the grease and smoke particles suspended in the air passing through the ducts with an efficiency of up to 99%. Since grease accumulation on the duct surfaces is prevented, Ozcon Electrostatic Filters minimizes the risk of chimney and duct fire. Another benefit of Ozcon Electrostatic Filter is on the environment. The emission of grease, smoke and odour emitted from the chimneys to the environment is minimized. Therefore, the complaints that can be received from the environment will decrease and will contribute to your clean business image in the long run.
Ozcon Electrostatic Filter also prevents cooking odours coming out of the chimneys with Ecology Air Cleaning. When combined with ozone generator or optional carbon filters, Ozcon Electrostatic Filter can reach odour removal efficiency of 99%.
With Ozcon Electrostatic Filter Ecology Systems, the fan performance loss and exhaust line cleaning cost are minimized up to 99%.
Along with the grease, smoke and odour absorbed from the hood, conditioned air is also discharged. The amount of exhaust and energy losses are directly proportional. In kitchen exhausts, heat recovery cannot be performed efficiently because the recuperator's plate spacing is 2 mm and the discharged grease vapour easily clogs the air ducts. When using Ozcon Electrostatic Filter, the air will be free from grease vapour before coming to the heat recovery device, the recuperator will not be clogged; With this system installed, a significant part of the energy in the exhaust can be recovered.
Ozcon Electrostatic Filters minimize the maintenance and energy consumption by keeping the ducts and fan clean. Since the rate of grease coming to the air ducts and fans is very low, the cleaning periods, and therefore the budget to be allocated to it, will also decrease. In addition, the collector cell of the Ozcon Electrostatic Filter can be easily removed and, if desired, can be easily cleaned by the operator.
Electric consumption of Electrostatic Filter is 100 w / Hour.