Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) are very effective solutions for filtering of smoke and particles formed in plants such as factories, industrial kitchens etc. Particles of 0.3 microns or larger are filtered up to 99% to prevent any disturbances that may occur in the environment.

Uncomfortable odors can be avoided and kitchen ventilation systems that do not need chimneys can be installed or the smell and smoke coming from your production facility may come to levels that will not disturb the environment. Buying an electrostatic filter is not a stand-alone solution.

Electrostatic filters are very different from standard ventilation devices. Only filters selected according to the airflow rate turn into stories ending in frustration. Filtering of smoke and odor generated during cooking in industrial facilities and professional kitchens is one of the most important issues. Industrial kitchen ventilation and odor, smoke removal is an area that requires expertise and experience.

Electrostatic Precipitator Benefits

Minimum Fire Risk: The oil , VOC and smoke contained in the air coming from the hood adheres to the ducts and the fan used. This increases the risk of fire in enterprises. Electrostatic Filter is able to filter the oil, voc and smoke particles suspended in the air passing through the wings in a efficiency of up to 99%. Since oil accumulation on the channel surfaces is prevented, Electrostatic Filter minimizes the risk of fire when the channel is welded.

Minimum Maintenance and Consumption Cost: As the oil rate to the air ducts and fans decreases very much, cleaning periods and therefore the budget allocated to it will be reduced. The electrostatic filter cell can be removed and removed from the arm and can be easily cleaned by the operator if desired.

Minimum Environmental Pollution: Another benefit of the Electrostatic Filter is on the environment. Oil, voc, smoke and odor emissions from the chimneys are minimized. Therefore, environmental complaints can be reduced and will contribute to your clean business image in the long run.

Minimum Odor Emission: Electrostatic Filter also prevents odors from chimneys.. When optional carbon filters and ozone system projects are combined with Electrostatic Filter, odor removal efficiency can reach up to 99%.

Minimal Loss of Efficiency: With electrostatic filter installed systems, up to 96% exhaust line and fan cleaning reduces performance loss Heat Recovery in Kitchen Exhaust: When electrostatic filter is used, the oil will be purified by 99% before the arrival of the air heat recovery device.

Kitchen Odor and Smoke Removal
Corona Discharge

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