Microorganisms can cause problems in many areas. May cause outbreaks, especially in environments where they can breed. Ozone is a perfect agent to kill bacteria and viruses with very low concentrations.

Ozone generators are a very important tool in facilities where disinfection is the number one priority from food production facilities to pharmaceutical production facilities. Ensuring both user health and product quality is also important for businesses.

Ozone has been proven to destroy 99.9% of known viruses and bacteria in many scientific studies. Thanks to this power of ozone, no airborne microorganisms are a threat to your products anymore.

As ozone is a gas produced in site, it does not need to be transported, stored and purchased continuously like other chemicals. It is a one-time investment and works only with electricity, your only cost is electricity which is very low.

In addition, since ozone is a gas produced from oxygen, when it successfully completes the disinfection work, it is converted back to its raw material oxygen and leaves no chemical waste behind.

It provides maximum disinfection by allowing it to reach the points that need to be sterilized but hard to reach.

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