Our air treatment services cover many areas such as odor removal, smoke removal, voc reduction, disinfection, etc. By using ozone and electrostatic precipitators you can efficiently reduce or completely remove smoke, odors, industrial emissions, fat, voc’s, contaminants and many other substances, in various applications.


Odor is the perception of sensible molecules dissolved in air. Although most odors are formed by organic compounds, many inorganic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia can em…


Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) are very effective solutions for filtering of smoke and particles formed in plants such as factories, industrial kitchens etc. ESP’s filter up to 99% of particles of 0.3 micron


“Indoor air quality” or IAQ is a relatively new issue in environmental safety. In the last few decades, much attention has been paid to outdoor pollution, while focusing on indoor air quality has just begun.


Microorganisms can cause problems in many areas. May cause outbreaks, especially in environments where they can breed. Ozone is a perfect agent to kill bacteria and viruses with very low concentrations.